Back from Finland

Back from Finland. What a great experience !!
Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the final three at Tampere vocal group competition but we came back home with a bag full of new ideas. We were really touched by all the support from the people we’ve met. Hope to see you back soon! Special thanks and big hugs to McSingers from Germany with who we had great fun time sharing a podium on Thursday night at ensemble Klubi.


On Friday we had a chance to visit the famous Sibelius Concert Hall in Lahti. What a room, what an acoustic ! Our concert in the extremely cozy Pro Puu-wood gallery was a perfect end for the week in the land of trees, trees and more trees.

As far as our other Finnish adventures are concerned, I must say I’m really proud of my fellow singers. They courageously hiked through a forest packed with mosquitos, eagerly contributed in the preparation of an authentic smoked salmon, did sauna and skinny dipping at late hours and learned to use “vihta” in a proper way ! (smacking with a bouquet of birch branches in the sauna = fun fun fun)

Kiitos & kippis !


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