Fish on Land // The Little Mermaid

One foolish dreamer, you want a soul that lives forever, you go without a farewell, closing deals with the devil. A few salty bubbles of the sea, that’s all you’ll end up to be, brave but stupid young thing, by the sun and the moon I’ll be mourning.

A fish on land, body aching gasping for breath, A fish on land, want a soul that lives forever A fish on land, that’s not the way of the Mother Nature.

Little daughter of mine, are you ready to leave all behind? Conquer hearts and scale positions, travel at will then make decisions. A wild heart and a thirst for love, Granny dear, that’s all I’ve got. I’m falling in love with life that’s elsewhere, that man is not my kind but we breathe the same air.

The happy people in their villages and castles, I long to walk though the wildling’s land. Goodbye sisters, goodbye father, farewell to the dolphins and the seaweed grown wrecks.

The morning is cold and everyone’s asleep. I swim to the shore and drink the magic potion that will set me free.

text: anu junnonen // Music: john hollenbeck