The Prime Minister’s New Art // The Emperor’s New Clothes

Curator: “Subjects A, B and C, these are artworks, you see? Now tell me dear Sir, which one will it be?”

Narrator: Subject A as he saw, was as tall as a tree.
A gigantic white canvas with not much to see.

Staff: “A dot and a line, you need it!”

Prime Minister: “A dot and a line… oh, now I see it!”

Narrator: Subject B as he saw was as small as a pin
A clean little jar and inside one hair.

Staff: A hair in a jar, you need it!

Prime Minister: “A hair in a jar… oh, now I get it!”

Narrator: Subject C, or so he thought, was of modest proportions.
As red a cherry and black as the night.
Here was his next buy displayed in plain sight.

Prime Minister: “I dare say, dear Ma’am What an exquisite work!
How much for this sculpture?How much for this piece?”

Curator: “Oh my prime minister what an excellent choice!
One sees without doubt your most clairvoyant nature.
Yet this subject has no price.”

Narrator: From subjects A, B and C He did not choose you see.
The fire extinguisher is missing from the gallery.
And the prime minister’s happy, just happy to be.

text: elsa gregoire // Music: John hollenbeck