Panel 2

Miss Misunderstood // Hänsel & Gretel

I am miss misunderstood I am,
I didn’t mean to hurt my little man,
I made my daughter cry,
Left them with no goodbye.
You see, they were better off without their momma,
they were better off without their monster,
they were better off without me.
The bakery had no bread, the butcher’s meat seemed suspect.
No one at the supermarket could tell me if the food arrived yet.
I couldn’t forget the sound of their empty stomachs,
yelling screaming: ‘Mom is dinner ready yet?’
I wanted to forget. Get it out of my head.
I had to leave this town.
Thinking about what I did had got me loosing my mind.

text: françois vaiana // music: john hollenbeck
Panel 3

Fish on Land // The Little Mermaid

One foolish dreamer, you want a soul that lives forever, you go without a farewell, closing deals with the devil. A few salty bubbles of the sea, that’s all you’ll end up to be, brave but stupid young thing, by the sun and the moon I’ll be mourning.

A fish on land, body aching gasping for breath, A fish on land, want a soul that lives forever A fish on land, that’s not the way of the Mother Nature.

Little daughter of mine, are you ready to leave all behind? Conquer hearts and scale positions, travel at will then make decisions. A wild heart and a thirst for love, Granny dear, that’s all I’ve got. I’m falling in love with life that’s elsewhere, that man is not my kind but we breathe the same air.

The happy people in their villages and castles, I long to walk though the wildling’s land. Goodbye sisters, goodbye father, farewell to the dolphins and the seaweed grown wrecks.

The morning is cold and everyone’s asleep. I swim to the shore and drink the magic potion that will set me free.

text: anu junnonen // Music: john hollenbeck

Panel 4

The Prime Minister’s New Art // The Emperor’s New Clothes

Curator: “Subjects A, B and C, these are artworks, you see? Now tell me dear Sir, which one will it be?”

Narrator: Subject A as he saw, was as tall as a tree.
A gigantic white canvas with not much to see.

Staff: “A dot and a line, you need it!”

Prime Minister: “A dot and a line… oh, now I see it!”

Narrator: Subject B as he saw was as small as a pin
A clean little jar and inside one hair.

Staff: A hair in a jar, you need it!

Prime Minister: “A hair in a jar… oh, now I get it!”

Narrator: Subject C, or so he thought, was of modest proportions.
As red a cherry and black as the night.
Here was his next buy displayed in plain sight.

Prime Minister: “I dare say, dear Ma’am What an exquisite work!
How much for this sculpture?How much for this piece?”

Curator: “Oh my prime minister what an excellent choice!
One sees without doubt your most clairvoyant nature.
Yet this subject has no price.”

Narrator: From subjects A, B and C He did not choose you see.
The fire extinguisher is missing from the gallery.
And the prime minister’s happy, just happy to be.

text: elsa gregoire // Music: John hollenbeck